A Day in the Life of Lena


Lena, a young kitten, sits on the counter, watching as her human, Mia, mixes up a batch of cookies.

MIA: (to Lena) You know, Lena, you’re such a good helper. You always know when I need a little extra company in the kitchen.

LENA: (meows)

MIA: (laughs) I know, I know. You’re just here for the cookies.

Lena’s tail twitches as she watches the dough being scooped onto the baking sheet.

MIA: (to Lena) Hey, do you want to try a little bit of the dough?

Lena’s eyes light up and she eagerly nibbles on a piece of dough.

MIA: (to Lena) Be careful, that dough is raw. You don’t want to get sick.

Lena looks sheepish but continues to nibble on the dough.

MIA: (to Lena) You know what, I have an idea. Why don’t we go for a walk in the park? It’s such a nice day outside.

LENA: (meows excitedly)

MIA: (smiles) Let’s go then.


Lena and Mia walk through the park, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Lena bounds around, chasing after birds and butterflies.

MIA: (to Lena) You’re such a little adventurer, aren’t you?

LENA: (meows)

MIA: (laughs) I bet you’re having the time of your life.

Suddenly, Lena’s attention is drawn to a group of children playing nearby. She trots over to them and begins to play.

CHILD 1: (to Lena) Hey, kitty! What’s your name?

LENA: (meows)

MIA: (to the child) Her name is Lena. She’s from Afghanistan.

CHILD 2: (to Lena) That’s a cool name! What do you do for a living?

LENA: (meows)

MIA: (to the child) Well, she’s just a kitten. But if she were a human, she might be a teacher or a scientist.

CHILD 3: (to Lena) Wow, that’s really cool! Can we play with you some more?

LENA: (meows excitedly)

MIA: (to the children) I’m sorry, but we have to go now. It was nice meeting you all.

The children say goodbye and Lena and Mia continue on their walk.


Lena and Mia return home and the cookies are now finished and cooling on the counter.

MIA: (to Lena) Look, the cookies are ready. Do you want to try one?

LENA: (meows excitedly)

MIA: (to Lena) Here you go. But be careful, they’re still warm.

Lena takes a bite of the cookie and her eyes widen in delight.

LENA: (meows happily)

MIA: (to Lena) I’m glad you like it. You know, Lena, you may be a kitten, but you have the spirit of a true adventurer.

Lena purrs contentedly and nuzzles against Mia’s hand.


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